Drop into your senses and let the Earth speak to you. With a little help from the daisies.

Photo by Yazmín Palos.

I was walking by a large cluster of daisies in the park, when I heard their songs and whispers.

“Come along, we have something to tell you.”

I kneeled down to listen.

“Let us in” said the daisies, “lower down your barriers.” And so I did, as they uploaded yottabytes of gifts into my cells.

Sensory memories came flooding in, of the times I was a toddler, and of the times I was the Earth itself.

I am lying down on a soft, warm bed of spring grass and daisies. …

Her name is Dafne. She’s new here.

Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

Saw her at the Facebook Marketplace.

“Can we please live together?”

Put on a lipstick and a summer dress.

Met her at the golden hour.

I asked her name, she said Dafne.

Very happy to come live with me.

Dafne couldn’t stand a ride, so I said, let’s walk.

She smiled and gave a graceful nod.

Bodies passing by light up, eyes sparkle with joy:

“Wow! I like your tropical plant!”

Those who catch a glimpse of Dafne come alive,

cause she’s no ordinary plant.

And so the story went,

dozens of people…

Am I done with choosing struggle? What would it be like to navigate the unknown with play? This is the story of how a tree showed me a way.

Woman gently sensing and caressing a tree with her eyes closed.
Woman gently sensing and caressing a tree with her eyes closed.
Tree and me. Photo by Kristina Belkina

November 2018. A glorious autumn day in the Pacific Northwest. I go out for a walk in my neighbourhood park.* People of all ages are outside today, playing. Sunny streak in rainy season, always an occasion to celebrate. Who knows when we might see it shine next.

I walk by the playground and the lake. I notice the geese might be staying for winter this year. …

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

What do we do when our sense of normalcy is disrupted and we’re left in uncertainty? How do we move forward? Can we really choose to create a more beautiful future from here?

I am optimistic we can. It starts with attuning to our inner landscape first.

I’d like to share with you what nature taught me, when my reality fell apart after an illness, and I had to live in the unknown for several years.

To give you a glimpse of what I found out in the process, I wrote a little poem.

A New Earth

This land of…

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

Uncertain times call for resilient hearts.

Hearts that know how to feel and release.

A resilient heart takes notice of emotions, like a tree that offers shelter for weary wandering creatures.

Emotions are just one of the ways to respond to what goes on within and around us.

May we attend to them with unwavering kindness and curiosity.

Like a tree that knows how to survive strong winds, a resilient heart can bend and not break.

Rooted firmly in the earth, it reaches up to the skies, while remaining flexible in every inch. Emotion, like the wind, is energy in…

Nihan Sevinç

Artist. Earth Whisperer. instagram.com/nihansevinc.art

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